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21 August 2017

With so many different types of wrist supports and braces out there, finding the right one for your condition can feel like a daunting challenge. If the incorrect brace is used, it may also do more harm than good, so there is the added pressure of finding a support for your wrist from a reliable brand.

To ease this process of locating the best wrist support for your condition, here at WristSupports.co.uk we only offer wrist supports from industry names we know you can trust. One such brand is Ultimate Performanceto provide you with an insight into the trustworthy name, we've compiled this brief guide to who they are and how their products can help you restore your wrist to its former health.

Who Are Ultimate Performance?

Focused on helping athletes to achieve their maximum level of performance, Ultimate Performance pride themselves on developing products that can enhance the natural performance for every sportsperson, from runner to cyclists, from casual players to serious athletes.

A sure sign of a well thought-out brand strategy, they are constantly developing their brand and the products they offer. For example, in 2016 they introduced their Advanced range, which is a selection of top-level supports for optimal and adjustable fit and compression. This shows that they always have the needs of the individual at the forefront of the mind, expertly catering their products to the varying and unique needs of each individual.

What Do Ultimate Performance Provide?

Designed with the active lifestyle in mind, a wide selection of products have been designed by Ultimate Performance to help you regain and maintain your physical health, which can in turn improve your mental well-being. 

From apparel and reflective gear to hydration provisions and heat therapy equipment, many of the Ultimate Performance products are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and can be used for protective and preventative measures. They also have a range of products ideal for assisting with rehabilitative therapies and exercises, encouraging healing and improved health. 

How Can Ultimate Performance's Supports Help?

One of the most prominent ranges of products provided by Ultimate Performance is their selection of supports and braces. In particular, they have designed and produced numerous braces that cater to an array of conditions and ailments affecting the wrist. Such conditions and circumstances can include, but are not limited to, the following:

General Wrist Support

Suffering from wrist pain is bad enough, but when the source of the pain is undefined, it can be even more frustrating. Thankfully, Ultimate Performance provide wrist supports for just an occasion. For example, the Ultimate Wrist Wrap offers moderate support to help ease the aches and pains of general wrist weakness or instability, providing compression to encourage healing without restricting the motions of the hand.

Supports Ideal for Sports

Sometimes, when purchasing a wrist support you may need to consider your lifestyle, and whether or not certain supports and braces may hinder this. With the Ultimate Performance Ultimate Neoprene Wrist Support, active lifestyles can still be sustained while the wrist heals. This is something in which Ultimate Performance excels, providing wrist supports that will still enable physical activities and fitness training, ensuring that the activities you enjoy need not be put on hold.

Support for Specific Conditions

If you are suffering from a specific condition, it is natural that you'll want a wrist support that offers respite from the pain and discomfort caused by those specific symptoms. This is something to which Ultimate Performance can cater, as offered with their Ultimate Carpal Tunnel Wrist Brace. They have taken into consideration the varying needs of the individual wearer and the debilitating symptoms from which they are suffering, helping to provide you with a wrist support that provides optimal care for your individual needs.

Targeted Thumb Stabilisation

Not only are Ultimate Performance exemplary in providing supports that offer targeted compression and respite for wrist ailments; they are also experts at tending to the needs of injured or painful thumbs. Supports such as the Ultimate Performance Thumb Stabiliser provide immobilisation to the thumb joint while enabling it to sustain a neutral position, which in turn can reduce pain in both the thumb and wrist while encouraging healing. 

Whether you are seeking a support for preventative measures or require a reliable wrist brace for relief from pain and discomfort, Ultimate Performance provide tried and tested wrist supports that you can trust. To browse our full range of Ultimate Performance wrist supports, follow the button below.


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