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If you've suffered an impact injury to your wrist, there's a good chance your arm or shoulder may be affected as well. If this is the case, support and stabilisation is just as an important part of the healing process as it is when you've injured your wrist. Our Arm Slings are designed to restrict movement of your arm and shoulder in order to stabilise the area and give the internal structures of your body the time they need to heal.

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High Arm Sling
  • Adjustable sling that can be used as a arm sling or shoulder immobiliser
  • Treat trauma and injuries to the hand, wrist, elbow, arm, shoulder and collarbone
  • Velcro strap keeps arm, shoulder and wrist immobilised against the body
  • Strap on the shoulder allows you to position the arm to your needs
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Aircast Arm Immobiliser
  • For injuries to the shoulder, elbow, proximal or mid-humerus, and wrist
  • Available with an optional abduction pillow to speed up healing
  • Provides secure and comfortable arm and shoulder support
  • Limits posterior arm mobility to help reduce shoulder pain
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Deluxe Arm Sling
  • Designed for immobilisation of the forearm, elbow and arm
  • Full circumferential wrist strap to provide stabilisation of the arm
  • Breathable lightweight polyester cotton sling minimises skin irritation
  • Soft padded plush foam straps with easy touch-and-close fastenings
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Jura Shoulder Immobiliser Arm Sling
  • Shoulder immobiliser also suitable as an arm sling
  • Ideal for post dislocation or subluxation recovery
  • Strong cotton sling with padded shoulder and body straps
  • Straps are adjustable for a personalised fit
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Procare Blue Vogue Arm Sling
  • Sling for cast support, as well as injuries to the arm, wrist or hand
  • Suitable for immobilisation and support of the arm, shoulder and elbow
  • Fully padded 2" wide foam strap with easy adjustment
  • Generous size polycotton pocket provides a comfortable fit
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Donjoy UltraSling ER IV Arm Sling
  • Ideal for protocols involving immobilisation in external rotation
  • Breathable liner increases ventilation and wicks sweat
  • Three-point strapping system reduces stress on neck
  • Comfortable arm sling with easy application
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Donjoy UltraSling III AB Shoulder Immobiliser
  • Effective sling holds your arm and shoulder in neutral position
  • Moisture-wicking technology provides greater comfort
  • Easy-open front panel encourages forearm exercises
  • Thumb straps for functional hand positioning
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Donjoy UltraSling IV Shoulder Immobiliser Sling
  • Soft, breathable inner lining with mesh laminate improves ventilation
  • Contoured cushion provides necessary abduction to relieve pressure
  • Three-point strapping system eliminates pressure on the neck
  • Universal sling design converts from right to left
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Universal Swathe Sling
  • Can be used as either a shoulder immobiliser or arm sling
  • Wraparound application for a firm fit
  • Soft padded shoulder straps for comfort
  • Universal size and fits either shoulder
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Versatile Arm Sling
  • Versatile arm sling for single patient use
  • High quality foam construction for comfort
  • Holds the arm in an elevated position
  • Can be used with or without a neck strap
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