Wrist strap for cmc arthritis
30 June 2024  |  Christine

This wrist splint is ideal for cmc arthritis and eases the pain Delivery was the next day. I would recommend this company.

Recommended by doctor
27 June 2024  |  David

The Actimove Rhizo Forte thumb brace was recommended by my doctor and fits well.

De quervains
26 June 2024  |  Tracy

This was the 5 brace I had Purchased and the only one that seemed fit for purpose and helped with symptoms
Was very comfortable to wear, yet study with wrist and thumb splint and fitted well (small ordered for 15 cm wrist)
The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was that I found the neoprene a little warm when wearing all the time

21 June 2024  |  Carole

I bought this brace because of its breathable fabric which my previous didn`t have. I find the Airprene wrist brace too long for my hand and wrist, it`s very hard around the edges, but it is cooler.

firm support
16 June 2024  |  Teresa

The Vulkan gives very firm, but easily adjustable support for my tendonitis. It is comfortable while firmly restricting the wrist flexibility which is aiding improvement in my condition. I have found the need to re-adjust it quite often because the shiny woven fabric it is made of tends to gradually slip. My 'go-to' support is the Oppo Elastic Wrist Support but the Vulkan AE is great for when I feel the need for a little more wrist pressure. Very pleased with the product and price.

16 June 2024  |  Teresa

I have found the Oppo wrist support warming, comforting and comfortable. Though gentle on the skin it is very supportive and easily adjusted to suit my need. My tendonitis is improving and I've had very little discomfort since wearing it night and day for a week now, and the swelling has reduced considerable at the site of my tendonitis.

Excellent product
14 June 2024  |  Joan

Painful left wrist and play golf. This support is excellent as it leaves most of your hand free but wrist totally supported.

Wrist and thumb support
10 June 2024  |  Sheila

This product is perfect for my painful arthritic hand and wrist. Would definitely recommend.

Pain Free
09 June 2024  |  Mary

Very comfortable wrist support. I had trapezium bone remove at the base of my thumb on 1st of May 2024. 2 weeks with a cast. I was then given a brace which was not comfortable. Since wearing my Ossur brace I feel much better.

Super comfy support
09 June 2024  |  Christopher

Excellent wrist support, very lightweight and made from very modern breathable materials, so no sweating or discomfort from wearing long term.

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