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24 August 2017  |  Eugene

At, we're no stranger to braces, supports and splints, so when choosing which products to sell we accept only the best. We stock items from only the most trusted names in supports, so when we offer something to our customers you know it will be reliable, and get the job done. One of our favourite ranges of wrist supports comes from our friends at BeneCare Medical, a UK-based company that's been in the industry for nearly 20 years. 

Who are BeneCare?

BeneCare Medical were established in 2001 and started their life as BeneFoot Ltd, supplying post-operative footwear and splinting materials to the National Health Service (NHS), as well as private sector hospitals throughout the UK. Since then, they have found success and expanded year after year, finding new and better ways to help their customers. They now offer a much wider range of products, and have brought their trademark quality-control and product efficacy into not only the world of footwear, but also braces, supports and splinting materials for the whole body.

Expanding their scope to supply medical products to some of the most trusted medical organisations around the world, they decided in 2010 that a name change was in order to reflect their new found scope. That's when they updated their name from BeneFoot to BeneCare, and the trusted name we know today was formed. Since then, they've continued to curate their high standards, reinforcing their dedication to providing the best and most reliable medical products to hospitals, clinic, and individual people in need. Together with NHS clinicians and therapists, BeneCare hope to continue to refine their standards, striving for medical excellence with every new product.

The BeneCare Promise

When you want to be the best, you have to work with the best. BeneCare's philosophy is based on this truth, which is why they've developed all their products in the UK in conjunction with NHS clinicians, doctors and therapists. They've worked closely with as much expertise as possible, obsessing over every tiny detail that most other brands would overlook.

At BeneCare, they believe that, since medical professionals are the ones in charge of how their products are ultimately applied, their clinical knowledge should be the core factor that defines their products' development. This commitment to quality and high standards ensures that each and every product is designed to the highest possible quality, and enables them to showcase their braces and supports with pride. With each new development, even minute changes that may seem insignificant are painstakingly constructed, and help support massive increases in patient comfort and rehabilitation.

BeneCare Quality at

No matter what your required level of support, or your stage of recovery, there's a BeneCare product for your wrist, and your needs. Have you recently injured your wrist or thumb, and are looking for a product that provides immobilisation and rigid support? The BeneCare Thumb and Wrist Brace is the one for you, designed to hold the wrist and thumb in a neutral position with a sturdy and adjustable aluminium stay. This firm support will keep your muscles, joints and ligaments in place, preventing any jarring movements and giving the area the best chance to heal.

Are you a little further along in your recovery, or do you not require quite such a rigid level of immobilisation? Try the BeneCare Open Thumb Neoprene Thumb and Wrist Support, featuring a removable stay to provide support when you need it and flexibility when you don't. An open thumb ensures full finger movement, while the wrap-around design allows you to customise your support based on your needs and the progression of your recovery.

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