Best Wrist and Thumb Supports of 2024

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We depend on our wrists and thumbs far more than we realise, so it can be incredibly debilitating when we're struck down by a painful injury. They can stop you from performing basic motions, like gripping or lifting, making it very difficult to get on with your day. Thankfully, there's a full-proof way to rid yourself of such limitations.

Push Med Wrist Brace Splint

Wrist supports are a vital tool in the arsenal of anyone suffering from a wrist or thumb condition. They can help stabilise your tendons, muscles and bones, protecting them from the stress of movement. There's an overwhelmingly wide variety of wrist supports available for purchase, so we've put together this detailed guide to help you make the best choice for your condition.

Read on to discover the perfect wrist support for you.

What Can Cause a Wrist or Thumb Condition?

While we use our wrists and thumbs for everything, they are far from the strongest joints in our body. Because of this, they are particularly vulnerable to a wide range of conditions. Sudden injuries like fractures can be the result of falls or collisions, but repetitive strains can develop if you frequently repeat the same movement (e.g. typing, lifting). Other conditions like osteoarthritis can develop as you get older and the protective cartilage covering the ends of your bones starts to wear away.

How Can a Wrist or Thumb Support Help?

Supports and braces are an effective way to treat any condition affecting your wrist or thumb. Many of the braces in our selection achieve this by offering stability; they immobilise and support the injured part of your arm, allowing it to rest and recover. At the same time, they preserve movement in the rest of your hand so you can still carry out your daily activities. Some varieties also compress or warm the affected area, stimulating blood flow to relieve pain and speed the healing process. 

Without these aids, it's common for a condition to persist and worsen. 

Which Support Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing the right wrist support, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Which part of my wrist/thumb is affected?
  2. How much support does my condition need?
  3. How long do I need to wear my brace?

For example, more serious conditions like fractures require heavy-duty support to help your bones heal in their correct alignment. In comparison, some conditions like arthritis are less severe but can persist for longer. As such, they require a brace that is a little more breathable and lightweight, but still provides sufficient stability.

Which Supports Are Our Top Picks?

Based on these three categories, we've compiled this selection of the highest quality wrist and thumb supports on the market today and the conditions they treat best.

David Penrose
30 July 2020  |  21:54

excellent product for quality and it helps support the wrist and is not too restrictive for most functions

Betty Carter
29 September 2020  |  11:58

having used one of these supports on my right wrist for a few years, I felt when I needed anew one I would buy a pair, as I do have problems with my left wrist

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