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22 August 2017

With so much choice when it comes to wrist braces and supports, choosing a brand that is right for you can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. We at Wrist Supports only seek out the top brands we know you can trust to support you and your wrists' needs. Today, we are putting the spotlight on McDavid to give you a little insight on their products and history, and just how they can help to protect your wrists' health.

Who are McDavid?

From the inception of his first product in 1969, Dr. Robert F. McDavid Jr's mission was to create sports protection and performance apparel that was an essential part of an athlete or active person's physical journey. He was convinced that sports could change people, and that fair play and hard work can bring integrity to every game.

Since that first lateral protective knee brace was created, McDavid became a household name across North America throughout the late twentieth century. Providing advanced protection for sportspeople across baseball, basketball and American football, their focused business model of preventing injury and protecting the best interest of professional athletes only solidified their stance in the sports medicine field.

From humble beginnings in Southern California, McDavid now continues to grow with their subsidiaries in Japan and Europe, continuing to protect and support athletes across the world from injury and fatigue. Their vision continues to be the same: celebrating athleticism without cynicism, training smart, and letting athletes perform at their best.

What Do McDavid Provide?

To this day, McDavid carries on to be one of the industry leaders in sports medicine. Always keeping the active sportsperson in mind, their products range from braces, wraps, straps, sleeves and guards for virtually any part of the body that needs support and protection. From research-led ankle braces to protective apparel, all of McDavid's products address both the broad and specific needs of those who practise sports. In 2014, NBA basketball star DeAndre Jordan became a spokesperson for their supports, showing just how effective their products are in keeping professional athletes healthy.

How Can McDavid's Supports Help?

With such a strong and focused vision of enabling ease of movement while maintaining strong levels of protection, here at Wrist Supports we know that the range of McDavid wrist braces and wraps will be perfect in helping you maintain the health of your wrists. With supports good enough to protect athletes on the field or on the court, McDavid's line of wrist supports will also help enhance performance in your daily life.

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