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25 August 2017

If you're injured your wrist or developed a painful condition, wearing a wrist support can relieve pain and help you on your way to recovery. Finding a support from a brand you can trust will be paramount in ensuring reliable and effective support, and here at WristSupports.co.uk we only sell supports from brands on whose products we know you can rely.

Push is one such brand, offering a selection of wrist and thumb supports that are specially designed to encourage healing and provide essential respite from debilitating pain. Read on to find out just what their range of wrist supports can do for you.

High-Quality Comfortable Materials

Helping to ensure optimal comfort, the Push wrist braces are made from high-quality Sympress material. Some of their braces also offer an antimicrobial construction, which ensures good hygiene maintenance by reducing the risk of the spread of bacteria while wearing the support.

Anatomical and Adjustable Fit

All of the Push supports and braces are available in a choice of sizes so that you can find the one that fits you best. They can also be adjusted through the use of convenient and easy-to-use straps, allowing you to adjust the level of tension as required.

Their wrist braces are also designed to provide a correct anatomical fit, which in turn offers optimal comfort and support for each individual wearer.

Compression for Healing

Compression is ideal both for reducing pain and encouraging a quicker recovery. As their wrist braces provide compression to the affected joints, this will reduce swelling while also encouraging blood flow.

In turn, this prompts a quickened speed of recovery, meaning the braces are ideal for wearing both as soon as pain strikes and following any related surgery on the wrist.

Stabilising Weak Joints

If injury has arisen as a symptom of weakened joints, wearing one of Push's stabilising braces will prevent the joint from moving or bending at awkward and uncomfortable angles. Not only will this help to reduce any significant pain, but it will also protect the wrist from coming to any further harm while it is allowed the time it needs to heal.

Washable for Reuse

Once you've worn your brace and your injury has healed, you can rest in the knowledge that you can wash your brace and store it away for whenever it is next required. If you are prone to falls or often play sports, this will be particularly important, ensuring that a wrist injury need never go unsupported for long.

See for Yourself

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