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25 August 2017

With over thirty years of experience, Aircast has had plenty of time to perfect their products. With this in mind, it's not hard to believe that their vast range of supports and braces are at the top of their game.

Providing optimal patient care and expertly protecting injured joints, Aircast's supports and braces are used by uncountable individuals and medical professionals for relieving pain and healing painful or injured wrists. We've compiled this concise guide to who they are and what they do, in order to help you learn more about the brand before you select the ideal wrist brace for your individual condition.

Who Are Aircast?

Aircast is a leading manufacturer of supports and braces designed to provide maximum levels of quality patient care. They have been perfecting their craft for more than thirty years, providing medical professionals worldwide with paramount technological breakthroughs.

Using patented technology and graduated pneumatic technology, Aircast combines comfort and support to provide a vast and versatile range of supports for almost every part of the body.

Wrist Braces

Aircast provides wrist braces that have been designed to provide an optimal fit that can be adjusted to suit different needs. Dual stays can be removed for enhanced control over the level of support provided, while leaving the fingers free and as dexterous as normal without compromise to the level of support provided.

Aircast wrist braces are ideal for comfort as they are made from lightweight nylon foam, maximising patient comfort alongside tension control with adjustable straps. As Aircast wrist braces are also breathable, they are ideal for longer-term wear, keeping the wrist cool and promoting good hygiene.

Thumb Braces

If your thumb is particularly affected by your injury, then one of Aircast's thumb supports may be ideal for you. They offer optimal comfort for both the wrist and thumb with a breathable and lightweight nylon foam construction, and, just like the wrist supports, can be adjusted for varying degrees of support and tension.

Their thumb braces also include thumb spicas for additional thumb support, which will be particularly important if you wish to protect your thumb against any sudden or uncomfortable movements that may significantly hinder the quality of your recovery.

Cold Therapy

The support provided by Aircast doesn't stop with their range of wrist supports and braces. They have also developed products that specifically offer cold therapy, which will help to soothe any inflammations and reduce associated pain.

Such products include the Aircast Hand and Wrist Cryo/Cuff Support, which targets the cryotherapy, or cold therapy, to the affected areas. With this, you can effectively soothe your aches and pains whenever you feel the pain beginning to strike.

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