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Wrist Supports for Ulnar Deviation

Arthritis can have many different effects on joints all over the body, ranging from pain to swelling to other types of deformation. In the wrists and hands, a common type of arthritic deformity in ulnar deviation, also known as ulnar drift, a condition that causes the fingers of the hand to bend towards the ulnar, or little-finger, side of the hand. At, we stock a range of Wrist Supports for Ulnar Deviation to help stabilise the wrist and fingers to prevent the deviation from becoming more pronounced. For more information or a recommendation, please contact our customer care team on 020 7501 0590 or at

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Wrist and Ulnar Deviation Support
  • Unique design helps correct MCP ulnar deviation
  • Ventilated neoprene prevents sweat built-up
  • Malleable aluminium palmar bar provides great support
  • Towelling liner provides exceptional comfort
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Rehband Active Line Wrist Support
  • Available in three sizes suitable for most people
  • Suitable for a wide range of wrist conditions
  • Soft and breathable for greater comfort
  • Adjustable wrist support for sports
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