Thuasne: Providing Wings for Your Health

22 August 2017  |  Admin

With all the choice out there for wrist supports, it can be daunting trying to find a brand you can trust. At Wrist Supports, we've got you covered; learn about each of our brands by heading to our brand focus page, or read on to find out more about the innovative French company Thuasne!

With almost 170 years of experience in the industry, Thuasne (pronounced "too-ayne" rather than "thoo-as-knee") have become a European leader in providing medical devices for contemporary lifestyles. The brand is dedicated to providing empowering products to their customers so you can take an active role in your own health and medical care.

Family-Run Innovation

Since their establishment in France in 1847, Thuasne have been dedicated to optimising health and mobility and were originally manufacturers of narrow elastic textiles. The company found success as early as 1889, when it was recognised as a technology leader. Yet their success wasn't always guaranteed; Thuasne faced a fire that ruined its warehouse, but its boundless determination helped it come out relatively unscathed. This highlighted once again that, just like their products, the company was resilient.

In 1936, Thuasne confirmed once more that they were leaders in technology and innovative thinking, realising the potential therapeutic benefits of elastic fabrics for treating vascular conditions. Thuasne soon began developing healthcare solutions and ended up among the first medical device creators in France. The company has seen continued growth and innovation, becoming the market leader in France by the 1980s. The company has since begun to look outwards and has evolved from a French company to a business with international success, allowing people all around the world to benefit from its range of medical devices.

What Can Thuasne Do for You?

From its founding almost two centuries ago, Thuasne have been committed to providing patients with therapeutic solutions to their injuries and conditions. The company creates a range of supports and braces to help treat vascular conditions for almost every major limb or joint. Their range of medical devices include products for the knees, feet, shoulders, neck and wrists.

Thuasne at Wrist Supports

Among their wide range of supports, Thuasne have a variety of wrist supports available. These compress and immobilise your wrist to help treat your condition. Their wrist supports are shaped to suit your anatomy so your wrist is immobilised in a comfortable position. The majority of their wrist supports, like the Ligaflex Immo Wrist Support, uses an anti-bacterial 3D knit to wick away moisture. This ensures you remain comfortable even when you lead an active lifestyle. Click on the yellow button below to view the full Thuasne range.


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