Thermoskin: Continuing the Evolution of Health Management

24 August 2017

As health, fitness and increased mobility become an important way of life for many more people worldwide, physical potentials can be pushed to limits that seem to know no bounds. Thermoskin know that a vital element of maintaining this potential and further enjoying an active lifestyle is keeping up the wellbeing for the most vital asset: the body. We at Wrist Supports know how important looking after your body is, especially when it comes to your wrists, which is why we're putting the spotlight on them and how they came to be.

Who are Thermoskin?

Founded in Australia in the early 1980s, Thermoskin began by creating heat-retaining supports designed to increase blood flow and facilitate enhanced recovery. Despite winning the National Pharmaceutical Distributors Association (NPDA) award for the best new product launch in Australia, they continued to strive for excellence and prove that heat retention products really do work, with successful clinical trials proving this effectiveness being carried out in 1987.

Partnering with Johnson & Johnson Australia Pty Ltd saw their success continue to grow, as by 1993 Thermoskin started planting offices in Colombia, South Carolina, Japan and Canada to meet the global demand for their products. Their passion for revolutionising heat retention supports continued to shoot them to stellar heights, providing equipment for the Commonwealth Games and conducting more clinical trials at Griffith University.

Never Compromising on Quality

Thermoskin understands that functional fit and size is key; with everyone being their own unique shape and size, they have placed importance on a quality fit and function for every individual. In conjunction with their medical partners, Thermoskin use state-of-the-art computerised machinery to get the perfect sizing and stitching on every single product. #

Realising the importance of satisfying their diverse customer base, stringent quality controls are observed at each workstation to ensure that customers always get the best out of their products, and enjoy the freedom it gives them to pursue their active lifestyles.

Thermoskin at Wrist Supports

Here at Wrist Supports, we love Thermoskin's passion and mission for maintaining the body, which is why we stock a whole host of their wrist braces and splints that combat a range of conditions. Their therapeutic supports have been developed for the simple and effective treatment of pain and injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments. Their braces provide a clinically tested, drug-free alternative to offer pain relief and improved mobility on weakened wrists, by just using heat naturally generated from the body.

Items such as the Thermoskin Arthritis Gloves are comfortable and supportive, and work wonders in treating a range of conditions, including arthritis, repetitive strain injury (RSI) and even sports injuries. Click the link below to be taken through to Thermoskin's full product range.


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