Shock Doctor: Fearless Protection

24 August 2017

Here at Wrist Supports, we know the most active people are the most susceptible to injuries. As such, finding wrist braces that can be used when playing sports is one of our highest priorities. Shock Doctor has been reinventing sports protection for over 20 years. Read on to find out more about the brand.

Over 20 Years of Fearless Innovation

Since its inauguration in 1992, Shock Doctor has gone from strength to strength with its innovative products. The brand started out by designing mouthguards and used conventional thinking as an opportunity to rethink, retool and redefine the mouthguard. Shock Doctor quickly became the undisputed leader in mouthguard technology, giving the industry a little more bite.

But its innovation didn't stop there; just as it did with the previously plain old mouthguard, Shock Doctor reinvented sports medicine and provided athletes with a pro-active solution to injury prevention and recovery. Thanks to its fearless founders and staff, the company has become the leading innovator in sports protection around the globe. Shock Doctor has created products for almost every major body part so fearless athletes can find the right protection and support.

How Can Shock Doctor Help You?

Whether you're an amateur athlete training hard or you're already a pro, Shock Doctor can help you reach your full potential. The brand is passionate about sports protection and innovation so its users can stay ahead of the competition. Shock Doctor's products have been used by a number of athletes, including Australian football player Luke Ball and Tennessee Titans' linebacker Akeem Ayers. Shock Doctor's products provide wearers with hardcore protection so your can get down and dirty in your chosen sport. The company offers a range of products, from insoles to knee braces and everything in between.

Shock Doctor at Wrist Supports

Finding a brand you can trust is important, particularly when you're purchasing products to protect and support your body. Shock Doctor has proven itself time and time again as a trusted company ahead of the competition.


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