Rehband: Support and Protection for While You Perform

22 August 2017

Spanning across over thirty countries worldwide, and providing over fifty years of industry experience, Rehband is one of the leading names in athletic supports. With sports and active lifestyles at the forefront of their development, they have grown from their Scandinavian origins in 1955 to offering global support and protection for twenty-first-century athletes and active lifestylers alike.

Global Growth and Recognition

Rehband was founded in 1955 under the trading name of Rehband Anatomiska AB, and steadily grew as it offered braces and soft orthoses for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Gradually the company extended their range of products, reaching out to a wider audience with a wide supply of protective provisions.

Having excelled under their original trading name, Rehband was finally acquired by technical orthopaedics giant OttoBock HealthCare GmbH in 1994. Over the years that followed, Rehband, underneath the OttoBock name, continued to develop product ranges and expertise in the fields of sports and sports medicine. Today their products are available in over thirty countries worldwide, with over 100 unique products and 750 product variations.

Protection While You Perform

One of Rehband's main threads is concerned with the protection of the body during physical performance, sports, and exercise. As such, they have developed and manufactured a wide range of supports, braces, compressive garments, and protective accessories to ensure that you can remain as supported as possible while you perform.

From protective ankle braces and knee supports to strength-testing balance boards and impact-absorbing insoles, Rehband have considered every angle of impact that physical performance can have on your body. In turn, they have ensured that they can cater to every possible knock, strain, or sprain that may come your way while you workout or go about your day.

Support for Your Wrists

Rehband has every limb covered, and this includes offering a versatile range of supports and braces specially designed to protect and support the wrists. Some wrist supports, such as the Blue Line Wrist Support, have been created to prevent injury with a heat-retaining neoprene construction, while also reducing energy waste by increasing muscle tone.

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