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24 August 2017  |  Eugene

At, we don't stock just any wrist supports. To meet our standards, wrist support brands must meet our rigorous guidelines of quality and reliability, so we're sure the supports that we sell will both meet and exceed the needs of our customers. The wrist is too important for our daily lives to take risks with, so each support, brace and splint that we supply is going to provide you with the protection you need, right where you need it.

One of our favourite names in wrist supports, and one of the most trusted in all of Europe, is Promedics, a brand that has supplied the UK and Europe with medical products for over 30 years. Read on to learn more about Promedics, as well as some of their products that we're sure will get the job done for you.

Who are Promedics?

Promedics represent the gold standard in British-made supports, braces and splints, and have been proudly based in Glasgow for over 30 years. They employ over 150 people in the UK, and are committed to ensuring their products are built for people all over the world. Growing at a steady pace, Promedics now supply high-quality products to over 40 countries, all manufactured in their state-of-the-art facility in Glasgow.

High-Tech Research and Development

The needs of medical facilities and people are always changing, as are the standards of medicine and the quality demanded by consumers. Promedics are committed to keeping up with this ever-growing market by constantly improving their products with the help of their expert team of researchers and developers. They work closely with medical professionals and the NHS, constantly striving to integrate the latest textiles, designs and benefits into their product range to deliver the best possible experience to their consumers. They recognise that every need is different, and strive to grow their range to meet the requirements of every customer.

Homegrown Manufacturing

Promedics are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of UK consumers, as all of their manufacturing takes place in-house. This also allows them to have rigid control of their materials and production, ensuring only the finest raw materials are used in their braces. A rigorous and painstaking quality-control department allows Promedics to adhere to only the highest quality control standards, meaning that, when you receive a Promedics product, it will always be built to last and work for you.

Promedics Wrist Supports

Whether you've just recently injured your wrist, or are dealing with a long-standing condition that you can't seem to control, Promedics have a support to suit your needs. If you're looking for a high level of rigid support that conforms to your hand, and to your needs, look no further than the Air X Wrist and Thumb Brace.  This is a two-piece wrist and thumb brace designed to provide proper support and stability to help you cope with your injury or condition. With a longitudinal seam that runs along your wrist, this support will conform to your wrist, hand and forearm, providing support and comfort that are unrivalled by the competition.

Further down your road to recovery, you may be looking for a support that will allow you some movement while still providing the support you need to avoid pain and aid your recovery. The Pro-Rheuma Wrist Thumb Brace is just the support for these purposes, providing customisable support to adapt to whatever stage of recovery you find yourself in. With microfleece lining for comfort, and cooling material for breathability, this semi-flexible support is versatile enough to take you through multiple stages of your recovery.

For those looking for a less rigid wrist brace in the latter stages of recovery, or those with chronic wrist conditions requiring a little support, the Neoprene Short Wrist Brace may be the best choice. It conforms to the wearer's wrist and hand for an excellent fit and even better comfort, providing compression and heat retention that are perfect for battling conditions like arthritis. It can be cut without fraying to suit even the most abnormal hand shapes, making it suitable for any user and almost any condition.

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