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24 August 2017

Here at Wrist Supports, we are committed to finding the best supports from the best brands to ensure that your wrist is in the best shape it can be, whether it is during recovery, or in terms of injury prevention. Ossur do just that by not only delivering great supports for wrists, arms and knees, but by going a step further and providing prosthetic solutions, cementing the belief that no life should be lived with limitation. Read on to find out more about their brand journey.

Who are Ossur?

Founded in 1971, the company was names after Ossur Kristinsson, an Icelandic prosthetist who developed the breakthrough silicone interface for prosthetic sockets, the Iceross® liner. Since then, Ossur as a company have always pushed boundaries and nurtured an innovative mind-set when it comes to creating the best products in the field of prosthetic, osteoarthritis and injury solutions. From humble beginnings in Iceland, their aim has always been to improve people's mobility by working with individuals, clinicians and diverse communities around the world to provide supports that would bring a better quality of life to millions of people around the world.

Global Recognition

After their first listing on the Iceland Stock Exchange in 1999, Ossur have expanded rapidly through their series of strategic acquisitions. They have always put heavy emphasis and investment on research and innovation, which has been central to their growth. Their wide-ranging expertise in the development, production of non-invasive orthopaedics and injury prevention support has turned them into a global leader in their field, and Ossur only intend on further strengthening their market position, having been listed on the NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen Stock Exchange since 2009.

With their headquarters still based in Iceland, Ossur now have offices across the world in 18 different locations, with extensive operations in Europe, Asia and the Americas. With a total of around 2,000 employees all dedicated to helping people, Ossur's products have become a global, household name for improving the mobility and quality of life in both athletes and the Average Joe.

How Ossur Wrist Supports Can Help You

Ossur's brilliant scientific approach to providing supports that both protect and enhance mobility meant that we couldn't pass up on the opportunity to stock some of their products here at Wrist Supports.

Supports such as the Ossur Form Fit Wrist Brace are excellent in dealing with swelling, aches and soft tissue injuries, providing structural support, immobilising splints, and breathable materials to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. The Ossur Form Fit Wrist Brace With Thumb Spica also provides additional support for the thumb, with is ideal for tendonitis or UCL injuries, helping to relieve pain and shorten rehabilitation time by reducing movement in the wrist and thumb.

Take a look at the products we have available via the link below.


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