OS1st: Where Graduated Compression Is the Name of the Game

24 August 2017

While wearing a wrist support you may be thankful for the pain relief, and you may even notice an improvement in your performance during games or practice. However, how often do you stop to think about the brand name behind your wrist support, and how the support came to be? 

OS1st is a revolutionary company providing you with medical-grade compressive supports and braces. Read on to find out who they are, what they stand for, and how their products and ethics alike can help you on your way to recovery and improved health.

Who Are OS1st?

OS1st pride themselves as being a premier destination for pain relief and performance support. Over the years they have developed a vast range of supports and braces that can tend to the needs of athletes and sports enthusiasts seeking quick and effective pain relief. 

When designing their products, OS1st kept the whole body in mind, and now provide supports for knees, feet, elbows, calves, and wrists. Not only do they ensure that you can have the needs of many limbs covered, they also make sure that this is done so with revolutionary compression technology.

Medical-Grade Compression

To ensure that you can receive the best support possible, OS1st combines flexibility and comfort with the benefit of medical-grade graduated compression in their Performance Sleeves. This provides a shaped-to-fit design with a soft, moisture-wicking fabric to expertly couple cooling with heat retention for enhanced support whatever the situation.

OS1st also utilises the benefits of the revolutionary Compression Zone Technology with their Brace Layer System. This combines medical-grade orthopaedic bracing support with graduated compression, and this is the design platform for every OS1st product.

How Does the Brace Layer System Help?

A Brace Layer System sounds impressive, but you may be wondering how it can actually help you heal. In short, it enables maximum support to be provided without any of the bulkiness that can often be found with heavy splints. Medical-grade support is provided with precise graduated compression to surround joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments for enhanced circulation and stabilisation.

Not only does this encourage a speedier recovery, but it also helps to prevent many common injuries from occurring, while also providing a more pain-free performance whether you're on the pitch, on the court, or down at the gym.

OS1st Wrist Supports

Injuries to the wrist are not uncommon, particularly if you lead an active lifestyle or frequently partake in sporting activities, so it is important that you are prepared in the event on an unexpected collision. Wearing one of OS1st's expertly designed pain-relieving garments can not only help you reduce the potentially debilitating symptoms of your injured wrist, but they can also help you to protect your wrist against the development of new or repeat ailments.

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