How to Avoid Wrist Pain when Weightlifting

25 August 2017

If you've ever wondered how to protect your wrists when lifting weights, you're on the right track to lifting more in a sensible way. Lifting weights can put strain on your wrists and damaging them can prevent you from weightlifting for weeks or even months at a time. As such, it's important that you follow these tips to help save your hands and wrists from damage.

Warm Up Properly

Although a lot of people tend to attribute warming up to cardiovascular exercise, it's important to do so before lifting weights too. This can help prime your muscles and joints for the workout so they're more flexible and warm when you begin your weightlifting routine. Performing activities like jumping jacks, lunges and push ups can help you feel more prepared before you begin your workout.

Take Regular Breaks

Take Regular Breaks to Avoid a Weightlifting Wrist Injury

Weightlifting can take its toll on your body, especially when you start lifting heavy weights. Make sure you take regular breaks when weightlifting to give your wrists the rest they need. You can perform other forms of activity during this period to work out different parts of your body. Cardiovascular exercise like running can help your muscles stay ready while also giving your wrists a break.

Wear a Wrist Wrap

Wearing a wrist support can help stabilise and support your wrist during your workout. Thankfully, we have a whole range of wraps and braces designed for use during intensive gym activities, including weightlifting.

Use Proper Form

Proper form is critical to preventing injuries, particularly for weightlifting where you're literally heaving heavy objects above your head. If you're just starting to lift weights, seeing a personal trainer for the first few sessions is a must to ensure you're using the correct form and technique from the get-go. This will help save not only your wrists from chronic pain, but also your back and shoulders too.

Perform Wrist-Strengthening Exercises

Upping the weight you're able to lift is a slow process and one that requires superior wrist strength. Working out the muscles in your forearms will help with this. You can do this by performing hand exercises or using aids like the Mambo Max Foam Hand Grip to strengthen your hand grip, which can help you avoid dropping the weights (and risking a foot injury in the process).

So there you have it: five simple steps so you can avoid hand and wrist pain while weightlifting. We hope this helps save you from future pain by strengthening your wrists so you can keep training and getting better results for the months and years to come. If you haven't already, check out our range of wrist supports for the gym by clicking the yellow button below.


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