How to Avoid Wrist Pain During Yoga

25 August 2017

Yoga is a very gentle and holistic way to exercise both body and mind. With its beginnings dating back to 5,000 years ago in Northern India, yoga is now a very popular practice that is followed by millions worldwide. With all of its good qualities, such as enhancing flexibility and strength, it can be a little tough on the wrists, particularly for beginners who haven't learned the correct hand placements yet. Here at Wrist Supports, we have put together a little guide on the ins and outs of yoga and ensuring you avoid wrist pain.

What is Yoga?

Perceptions of yoga have really shifted over recent decades. What was once dismissed as a practice for Buddhists and hippies, is now a trend that is sweeping the world's population, particularly in the West. An ancient form of exercise, Yoga was first practised by Hindus over 5,000 years ago, who believed that spirituality and the physical body were inherently linked. With evidence suggesting regular yoga practice being beneficial for people with high blood pressure, heart disease, depression and stress, nowadays you see yoga classes and studios around virtually every corner, with plenty of people reaping the benefits.

Is it Normal to Feel Wrist Pain During Yoga?

Though yoga-related injuries are very uncommon, you may feel an ache in your wrists after a particularly intensive session. This is usually due to pre-existing conditions such as over-use or repetitive strain injuries (RSI) incurred from daily life and repetitive activities. Choosing a class that is appropriate for your skill level, stretching before a session and learning from a qualified teacher on how to appropriately position your hands during training can help keep any pain at bay.

The wrists can experience aches after yoga if the right technique is not used
The wrists can experience aches after yoga if the right technique is not used

How Do I Avoid Wrist Pain in Yoga?

If you can't afford regular yoga classes, using DVDs, apps or YouTube videos are a great way to do yoga at home. But, if you're a beginner, doing yoga at home means that you won't have the benefit of a professional correcting your technique. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that you avoid exacerbating any existing wrist pain:

  • Concentrate your weight on the bottom of your knuckles and base of your thumb
  • Ensure the tips of your fingers are firmly pressing down into the mat
  • Visualise the center of your palm being lifted upwards away from the mat
  • Avoid collapsing any weight on base, or 'heel', of your hand

Using this hand placement on the mat will ensure that you feel minimal or no wrist pain, however, you can also do some warm-ups beforehand to ensure your wrists are prepared for exercise:

  • Finger pulses: with all fingertips on the mat, bounce your hands up and down in a 'push-up' motion
  • Palm pulses: similar to the exercise above, place all fingers down on the mat and do the push-up motion with just your palms
  • Side-to-side wrist stretch: on all fours, place your hand palm down, face them in opposite directions and gently rock from side to side

You can find many more wrist stretches and warm-ups to suit you in this video.

Can I Wear a Wrist Support While Doing Yoga?

It is usually recommended to wear a support or brace before or after yoga practice, however depending on the design of the support, you can absolutely wear certain styles during a session. Slip-on sleeves such as the Rehband Power Wrist Support and Thermoskin Elastic Wrist Wrap are great items that will compress and stabilise the wrist in many different areas, ensuring that the delicate carpal bones in your wrist stay protected and supported.

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