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25 August 2017  |  Eugene

At, we're fully committed to supplying our customers with only the best in wrist braces, splints and supports both for everyday life and sporting performance. We only get one body, so when it becomes injured, it's up to us to responsibly rehabilitate our ailing joints, bones and muscles so they can get back to full fitness. That's why, when selecting which wrist supports meet our standards, we accept only the best and most trusted names. One of our favourites is Donjoy.

Who Are Donjoy?

Donjoy is one of the world's leading orthopaedic support companies, supplying high quality and rigorously tested supports for all areas of the body, including the wrist. It wasn't always this way, though.

They were started in a garage in California back in 1978 by two friends: Mark Nordquist and Ken Reed. One was from the world of sports, an offensive line captain for the Philadelphia Eagles; the other, a local lawyer looking to make a name for himself. They named their company after their wives Donna and Joy, and the company grew in leaps and bounds from there.

Their first products were simple sleeves and supports made of sewn-together neoprene that were to be pulled over the key joints of the body for support. After that, they began to create off-the-shelf rigid braces, offering support that was yet to be seen at that time. Coupling themselves with the rising tide of the sports medicine industry in the 1980s, their products began to gain lots of attention, and at that point, there was no looking back.

A New Approach to Healthcare

In the development of Donjoy's extensive range of braces, there has always been one core idea: they aim to encourage healing and wellness through the benefit of natural motion. This idea is at the very heart of Donjoy, with the belief that by prescribing motion, everyone can take control of their own health and choose a healthier path. They believe that activity is the door to a healthier, happier life for all, and medicine can provide the key. With their range of braces, patients, physicians and consumers can take steps to combat the collective costs of pain, inactivity, disability and declining wellness caused by a host of detrimental conditions.

This ambitious plan is based on four pillars of health that they believe they can help boost in all their customers:

  1. Pain: By limiting pain, they allow the users of their products to get out and enjoy life. When you enjoy the things you do, you want to do them more, do them better, and do them for longer.
  2. Alignment: Much of the pain and discomfort people feel is due to a lack of proper alignment in their joints. By using Donjoy braces and supports, the body will work more smoothly, contributing to better movement.
  3. Strength: As we use our bodies more we build muscle, and, with it, confidence. The stronger we are, the more we feel we can do, and the more we'll achieve.
  4. Stability: As our bodies heal and our joints align, we find more stability in everything we do. A stable body is a stable mind, and a stable mind is one without limitations.

Environmental Responsibility

Responsibility is at the heart of the Donjoy approach, both to their customers and to the environment around them. They uphold this belief in a number of ways:

  • In each local environment, the Donjoy team sets environmental goals and objectives that are constantly monitored by the top management team
  • Donjoy encourages all of its employees to take responsibility in protecting their environment through recycling and reducing waste
  • Donjoy is constantly on the hunt for new ways to improve their current environmental process, and is a leader in the race to environmental sustainability

Donjoy Braces at Wrist Supports

Donjoy back up their lofty ideals and goals with real products that help people every day. By maintaining high standards, they are able to constantly innovate, so if you have a Donjoy support you know it will perform for you.

For those looking for a high level of wrist support after an injury or surgery, the Donjoy ComfortForm Wrist Support is a perfect choice. It includes a preformed aluminium stay, ensuring your wrist will stay in place, without any unwanted movement that may exacerbate injury. With its loop/lock closure system, you can modify your fit and compression to your liking, meaning it can provide bespoke for all users.

Further down your road to a full recovery, you'll want a brace that provides some support and compression while allowing a certain amount of movement. The Donjoy Universal Wrist-O-Prene is designed for this purpose, and can be used during sports and exercise to provide enough support to prevent reaggravation of your injury while you recover. It is easily adjustable, and made with comfortable, breathable materials so you won't overheat on the playing field. 

At all stages of recovery, it's important to have a reliable ice pack on hand to reduce inflammation when it flares up. The Donjoy Dura Soft Universal Ice Pack Wrap is a cold therapy support, allowing you to ice your tender areas while enjoying a certain amount of compression and support. Perfect for post-surgery, after injury, or to tend to chronic conditions, this Ice Pack Wrap is one of the most versatile cold therapy products out there.

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