Best Wrist Supports for the Gym

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Whether you're lifting weights or performing cardio in the gym, these activities can put strain and stress on your wrists. Getting a wrist injury can have you out of action for months on end, so it's best to prevent them before they even occur. We've put together a guide on our favourite wrist supports for the gym so you can keep getting fitter and stronger each and every day.

What are the Best Wrist Supports to Use in the Gym?

Choosing the correct wrist support for use in the gym can be difficult. Finding the right balance between support and bulk is particularly important when you want to wear a wrist brace in the gym as this helps you can get the most out of your workout while keeping your wrist stable. View our recommendations below so you can hit the gym running.

RockTape RockWrist Wrist Wraps

RockTape RockWrist Wrist WrapThe RockTape RockWrist Wrist Wraps have been developed with CrossFit Games Champion Jason Khalipa to ensure you get the best support to suit your active lifestyle. As the support wraps around your wrist, it can be adjusted to give you as much or as little compression as you need. Its hook-and-loop fasteners also make the wrap easy to secure so you can start your workout as quickly as possible.

When you're lifting weights, it's integral that your wrists are supported as performing exercises like overhead lifts can cause serious wrist issues if not executed correctly. The RockTape RockWrist helps stabilise your wrist so you can focus on your technique.

Rehband Power Wrist Support

Rehband Power Wrist SupportSome wrist braces can get in the way, but not the Rehband Power Wrist Support. Designed with an open grip, the brace allows unrestricted movement. This makes it ideal for when the pain from your condition is only in the wrist and lower forearm. As the support helps stabilise your wrist, it can prevent overexertion and inflammation in the joint.

The Power Wrist Support has been constructed with neoprene to encourage blood circulation to the area for the relief of pain and swelling. This means the brace can aid the recovery of existing injuries while also preventing future injuries from occurring.

Procool Thumb Restriction Splint

Procool Thumb Restriction SplintSuffering from thumb conditions can stall your performance completely, especially because most supports restrict your mobility so much that you aren't able to perform any activities whatsoever. The ProCool Thumb Restriction Splint prevents movement in your thumb so you recover quickly but it allows full finger function so you're able to work out with ease.

The splint has tiny perforations in its neoprene material to help wick away moisture and keep you feeling comfortable for longer when you're working up a sweat in the gym. Its terry cloth lining also feels soft against your skin to prevent irritation.

OS1st WS6 Sports Compression Wrist Sleeve

OS1st WS6 Sports Compression Wrist SleeveWith its form-fitting design, the OS1st WS6 Sports Compression Wrist Sleeve ensures you aren't restricted while you work out. Its different compression zones offer variable levels of compression in different areas so you get all the support you need exactly where you need it.

The OS1st WS6 Sports Compression Sleeve has soft, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you feeling cool and comfortable during activity. The support is so slim that it can even be worn comfortably under clothing outside the gym. Its beige colour also makes the sleeve extremely inconspicuous.

4Dflexisport® Active Raspberry Wrist Support

4Dflexisport® Active Raspberry Wrist SupportIf you're looking for a non-splinted brace that still offers you a high level of support, look no further than the 4Dflexisport® Active Raspberry Wrist Support. The brace offers you a high level of flexion that's ideal for working out without exacerbating your injury.

Manufactured from breathable, non-sweat material, the Active Raspberry Support is ideal for those with sensitive skin and those who like to hit the gym hard. The brace can be worn for extended periods of time and has a thumb slot to cradle and support your thumb joint for additional stabilisation.

As you can see, there's a wide range of suitable wrist supports for use in the gym. Whether you're recovering from an injury or you want to prevent one from occurring, wrist braces can help you work out without fear. If you want to see the full range of wrist supports for use in the gym, click the button below.


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