Best Wrist Supports for Degenerative Wrist Conditions

21 August 2017

For many people, the arrival of wrist degeneration may be inevitable. Regardless of the type of degenerative wrist condition, it may arrive prematurely as a result of overuse of the wrist, or it may surface in later life as a sign of ageing. Whatever the cause of the degeneration, the pain and discomfort can quickly become unbearable.

While there are various approaches to treating degeneration of the wrist, one of the most cost-effective ways of receiving pain relief while allowing you to remain in control of your condition is to use a wrist support. The type of wrist support or brace you require will depend on the severity of your condition. To help you better understand your degeneration and the kind of support you will need, we have compiled this concise guide to just some of the supports that can help you regain control of your wrist health and ease the pain so you can get back on with your day.

What Is Degeneration of the Wrist?

As there are many different kinds of degeneration affecting the wrist, there is no one cause or manifestation of the condition. However, it can be loosely defined as a degradation of the bones of the wrist as a result of general wear and tear.

Degenerative conditions include, but are not limited to, osteoarthritis, Kienbock's disease, and basal joint arthritis. They can appear at any stage in life, and carry such symptoms as inflammation, swelling of tissue, wrist joint deformity, and stiffness of the wrist. To find out more about degeneration of the wrist, follow the button below.

What Type of Support Do I Need?

Once you have received your diagnosis for your specific wrist degeneration condition, you will be able to consider the type of support you require. To help you find the best one for your needs, we have selected five of the wrist supports suitable for wrist degeneration that may be able to offer you effective respite and greater management.

Vulkan Elasticated Thumb Spica

Vulkan Elasticated Thumb SpicaIf you feel you are suffering from early onset degeneration, it will be important to treat the symptoms as soon as possible. However, you may not wish to use a robust brace, so more lightweight yet supportive braces such as this Vulkan Elasticated Thumb Spica may be your best option. It combines support and pain relief, with an elasticated construction for ease of use and application.

It helps to protect the thumb from further damage, making it ideal for wearing as a preventative measure while you seek treatment to gain control of the condition. The thumb spica has been designed to be both lightweight and discreet in design, ensuring you can wear it whenever you need to without feeling like it is too obtrusive.

Pro-Rheuma Wrist Thumb Brace

Pro-Rheuma Wrist Thumb BraceIf you would prefer a brace that offers enhanced support and comfort, the Pro-Rheuma Wrist Thumb Brace can provide suitable respite from pain associated with wrist degeneration. The brace is made from a breathable, high-compression material, meaning the wrist can be kept cool while blood flow is encouraged for quicker healing.

With a semi-flexible stay, the joints can receive excellent support, while the medium-stability palmar stay support can be moulded to fit perfectly. To ensure it can be easily applied, it features a slip-on design and D-ring closure straps, helping to ensure you can be on your way to improved wrist health as quickly as possible.

Procool D-Ring Wrist Splint

Procool D-Ring Wrist SplintWhile it is important to compress and stabilise the wrist, certain conditions may also benefit from limited flexion. This is provided by the Procool D-Ring Wrist Splint, which prevents extreme flexion to reduce the risk of any uncomfortable, and potentially damaging, bending of the wrist.

This limited flexion can effectively aid in pain relief, and is done so without reducing finger dexterity due to the practical design of the splint. This, coupled with the added comfort provided by the dorsal stockinette lining and cushion straps, means that you can go about your day and your routines without any unwanted comfort, all without compromise to the quality of support provided.

Oppo Wrist and Thumb Support 

Oppo Wrist and Thumb SupportComfort is a paramount focus for any quality wrist brace, but sometimes you may wish to pair this with heat retention to encourage a quickened rate of respite. If such cases, the Oppo Wrist and Thumb Support may be the choice for you. Not only is it comfortable to wear over extended periods, but it also retains heat for enhanced pain relief, ensuring you can receive the best support possible for your degenerative wrist condition.

The thumb section will be particularly useful for rheumatic wrist conditions, as it relieves pain while stabilising the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint for effective support. With adjustable hook-and-loop fasteners, it can be adjusted to best suit the level of tension you require, and will remain comfortable throughout the day for quality pain relief while you rest, work, and play.

Neoprene Short Wrist Brace 

Neoprene Short Wrist BraceIf your degenerative wrist condition is debilitating in its advanced state, the Neoprene Short Wrist Brace can be cut to fit for maximum conformity. This will help to tailor the level of relief provided to your individual needs, ensuring that the most efficient and effective respite from degenerative pain can be provided.

The brace conforms to the shape of the hand for an ideal fit and can be cut without fraying, making it ideal for soothing pain caused by swollen and arthritic joints. Additionally, it retains heat to encourage blood flow, which in turn will enhance the quality of pain relief provided. By combining customisation with conformity, the Neoprene Short Wrist Brace can provide ongoing relief from the pain and discomfort caused by degenerative wrist conditions.

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