Procool Wrist/Thumb Restriction Splint
Procool Wrist/Thumb Restriction SplintProcool Wrist/Thumb Restriction SplintProcool Wrist/Thumb Restriction SplintProcool Wrist/Thumb Restriction Splint
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Procool Wrist/Thumb Restriction Splint

  • Breathable, supportive wrist and thumb restriction splint
  • Ideal for conditions that affect both the wrist and thumb
  • Provides great levels of compression and wrist support
  • Wide pull-through strap allows easy application and adjustment
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Procool Wrist/Thumb Restriction Splint

With severe conditions or injuries affecting the thumb, it can sometimes be necessary to completely immobilise the thumb to facilitate proper healing. The extensive Procool Wrist/Thumb Restriction Splint has been designed to provide this additional immobilisation and support while being breathable, easy to apply and easy to adjust.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Procool Wrist/Thumb Restriction Splint

Sizing for the Procool Wrist/Thumb Splint

The Procool/Wrist Thumb Support is available for either the left or right hand in five different sizes that should fit the majority of users. Please use the image and table below to determine the perfect size for you and select your choice from the drop down menu at the top of the page. 

Wrist support brace splint sizing image wrist circumference

Size Wrist Circumference (cm)
Extra Small 12 - 14cm
Small 14 - 16cm
Medium 16 - 18cm
Large 18 - 20cm
Extra Large 20 - 22cm

Key Benefits and Features of the Procool Wrist/Thumb Splint

  • Provides support to injured or painful wrists and thumbs, reducing pain and speeding recovery
  • Delivers effective circumferential compression to improve circulation and reduce swelling
  • Made from a comfortable, breathable, perforated neoprene fabric 
  • Enables free movement of the fingers while keeping the thumb stabilised
  • Ideal for people transitioning from full immobilisation to gentle movement
  • Wide pull through wrist strap allows for easy application, adjustment and fastening
  • Available in five different sizes
  • This product is available for the right of left wrist

Ideal for Mid-Stage Rehabilitation

To help you get support at every stage of recovery, this wrist/thumb support has been developed to help you begin the transition from immobilisation to free movement. The elastic nature of the fabric means it will continue to provide gentle compression consistently as the swelling is reduced over time. 

What Conditions Can the Procool Wrist/Thumb Brace Treat?

  • Arthritic conditions
  • Post-reconstructive surgery
  • Sprained thumb
  • Tendomyopathy
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal Fracture
  • Metacarpal fracture
  • Carpometacarpal instability
  • Post-scaphoid fracture
  • De Quervain's 
  • Post-surgical repair
  • Carpal Tunnel syndrome

What Fabric Is the Procool Wrist/Thumb Splint Made From?

The Procool Wrist/Thumb Support has been designed with a soft neoprene outer layer that features tiny perforations. This allows for a greater degree of breathability which reduces sweating, prevents blisters and helps the skin under the splint to feel fresh all day long.


Procool Fabric Composition Image

What Are the Advantages of a Thumb Restriction Splint?

Instead of completely immobilising the joint like a cast, a wrist and thumb support splint allows for some movement. This allows you to retain some manual dexterity, making daily tasks easier and reducing the risk of muscle atrophy. 

The extra support offered by the wrist/thumb splint makes it suitable for more severe conditions. If you require less support or more mobility we recommend the Procool Wrist Thumb Support.

Can I Tailor the Procool Wrist/Thumb Splint to Fit Me?

The wide pull-through wrist strap allows for easy application, excellent adjustability and secure fastening. Additionally, the gently elasticated neoprene fabric will conform to the contours of your wrist and thumb. 

Washing Instructions

Please note that all Procool Splints are designed to be washed by hand only using warm and soapy water. Machine washing may cause shrinkage and is not advised.

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