Air X CMC Joint Thumb Restriction Splint
 Air X CMC Joint Thumb Restriction SplintAir X CMC Joint Thumb Restriction Splint 
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Air X CMC Joint Thumb Restriction Splint

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  • Thumb immobilising splint that allows finger flexion
  • Ideal for arthritic conditions or a fractured MCP joint
  • Adjustable strap allows personalised level of support
  • Elasticated material contours perfectly to the thumb and wrist
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Air X CMC Joint Thumb Restriction Splint

The Air X CMC Joint Thumb Restriction Splint allows for uninterrupted finger function whilst providing unrivalled support to the thumb and to the MCP and CMC joints. Ideal for the treatment of osteoarthritis and joint fractures, the Air X Restriction Splint supports and hold the thumb in place whilst it heals, preventing further damage to the MCP and CMC joints further down the hand.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Thumb Splint

Please note, the Air X Splint is a restriction splint and is designed to fit tightly. If you are concerned about this or fall on a sizing boundary, please select a size up.

Sizing Information for the Air X Thumb Restriction Splint

To find the perfect size splint for your hand, please measure the circumference of your wrist in the area shown in the image below. As the Air X Splint is a tight-fitting splint, we recommend loosely measuring the area below.

Once you have your measurement, please consult the sizing chart below to find the correct splint size for your hand.

Measure the bony part of the wrist as indicated

Size Wrist Circumference
Infant 11 - 14cm
Child  14 - 17cm
Small 15 - 18cm
Small+ 17 - 18cm
Medium 18 - 20cm
Medium+ 20 - 21cm
Large  20 - 23cm
Large+ 21 - 24cm
Extra Large 23 - 25cm

Sizing Tips and Tricks

  • If compression is an issue, we recommend selecting one size larger than your measurements recommend
  • If your Air X Restriction Splint fits snug, it's providing the right level of support
  • If you fall between sizes, we recommend selecting the larger of the two available sizes

What Is the Value of Snug Compression?

A brace that is compressive and snug provides far more support than a brace that sits loosely against the skin. If you've followed our sizing guidance above correctly, you should find your brace feels snug, compressive and close enough to correctly align the CMC and MCP joints.

What Are the CMC and MCP Thumb Joints?

The CMC joint is located at the base of the hand, attaching the first half of the thumb to the lower part of the hand. The MCP joint is located at the middle of the thumb, attaching the visible part of the thumb to your hand.

How Does an Air X Splint Help Heal the CMC and MCP Joints?

By providing a diverse level of compression at multiple points of the thumb and hand, both the CMC and MCP joints are isolated and cradled, allowing them to heal properly following an injury. The strap that wraps over the hand and around the thumb doubles down on this support, ensuring any bumps or light-impact throughout the day wont dislodge either of these joints. 

Wrist and Thumb Support Pain Image

What Are the Benefits of Thumb Isolation?

Thumb isolation ensures movement and interaction are limited, allowing the thumb to rest and recuperate following an injury. Isolation allows the main CMC and MCP joints to rest, reducing inflammation, soreness, discomfort and pain. 

Why Measure the Wrist?

As the Air X Splint provides compressive support designed to provide support to the CMC joint, measuring your wrist gives the best indication as to which splint size will fit correctly. If you are concerned about the tightness of the brace, or you fall on a sizing boundary, we recommend you select a size up for maximum comfort and benefit.

How to Correctly Fit Your Air X Thumb Splint

To correctly fit your splint, please view the instructions and image below:

How to fit your Air X Restriction Brace

  1. Lay the brace flat and place your thumb inside
  2. Attached the two sides of the open back together, creating a compressive fold
  3. Take the loose strap and fold it behind the thumb, attaching it at the hook and loop fastening
  4. Fold the remaining part of the strap over the thumb, fastening it down at the front of the splint

Features of the Air X Thumb Restriction Splint

  • Specialised and adjustable support for the thumb, MCP and CMC joints
  • Targeted joint support around the first CMC and MCP joints
  • Adjustable strap for personalised level of support
  • Layering of fibre structures promotes moisture wicking process
  • Dry, comfortable and fresh feeling
  • Suitable for use over long periods of time
  • Made from a highly breathable fabric - reduces risk of skin maceration
  • Perfect fit as material follows contours of the body
  • Left and right wrist supplied separately
  • Available in a range of sizes

Which Conditions Can Be Alleviated By Using an Air X Thumb Restriction Splint?

  • Arthritis of the thumb
  • Arthrosis of the first CMC joint
  • Basal joint arthritis
  • CMC arthritis
  • CMC instability
  • Inflamed/Swollen thumb tendons
  • MCP/CMC Injury
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Overuse injuries
  • Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Weakness of the thumb joint
  • Worn cartilage

What Makes Air X Fabric Better Than Other Materials?

The unique Air X fabric has the ability to transport moisture efficiently away from the body thanks to the layered fibre structures, which help promote moisture wicking. This results in a dry, comfortable feeling on the surface of the skin, helping your hand to feel fresh throughout the day.

Air X fabric is also a soft, lightweight material that perfectly follows the contours of the body. This means the Air X adapts and shapes itself to the individual wearing it, providing exceptional comfort, even for extended periods of a time.

When Is a Splint Better Than a Brace?

Wrist and thumb braces work by providing stabilisation instead of immobilisation, which helps to protect you from further injury while allowing the completion of day-to-day tasks. A brace provides the perfect combination of gentle support, stabilisation and mobility. Wrist splints are generally more rigid, providing full immobilisation, and are often used for more severe injuries or earlier on in the rehabilitation process. 

Unique and Innovative AirX Foundation Fabric

Wearing any type of splint for an entire day can cause sweat and perspiration to build up on the hand and inside the brace, causing irritation, discomfort and existing dermatological issues to compound. The AirX brace uses an innovative and comfortable fabric design to draw sweat and perspiration away from the skin, releasing moisture into the air to prevent it building up inside the brace.

Innovative AirX Fabric Formula

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Great customer service
27 January 2024  | 

I bought a splint for my osteoarthritis thumb and whilst the splint gave good support the loose edge around the thumb began to fray almost immediately. Customer support were very good and after I returned the splint I was given a refund promptly. It was a good support but let down by that one loose edge.

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Happy customer
28 February 2022  | 

I am very pleased with my purchase. The quality is good and the splint is thin enough to fit under a gardening or household glove while giving firm support. Very fast delivery. Thank you.

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