Push Sports Thumb Brace
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Push Sports Thumb Brace

  • Brace for stabilising and protecting the middle thumb joint
  • Provides relief from overstretched or sprained thumbs
  • Elastic strap for adjustable and comfortable pressure
  • Palm is left free for normal gripping and movement
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Push Sports Thumb Brace

The Push Sports Thumb Brace stabilises and protects the middle thumb (MCP-1) joint. It provides relief from such conditions as sprained/Skier's thumb and overstretching.

Indications of the Push Sports Thumb Brace

The Push Sports Thumb Brace can be worn to support the thumb and ease pain caused by a range of conditions and injuries. Suitable indications include:

  • Partial rupture of the ulnar collateral ligament MCP-1 (Skier's thumb)
  • Distortion of the MCP-1 joint
  • Instability in the MCP-1 joint

Key Features of the Push Sports Thumb Brace

  • Thumb brace suitable for stabilising and protecting the middle thumb joint
  • Can be worn to offer relief from persisting pain caused by overstretching or sprain
  • Quick and easy to apply for immediate benefit
  • Elastic strap provides adjustable tension for optimal comfort
  • Palm remains free for effective hand grip while active or carrying out daily routines

Sizing Information

The Push Sports Thumb Brace is available for both the right and left thumb, and can be purchased in a choice of sizes to ensure optimal comfort and support. To determine the size required, close the four fingers and measure the circumference, excluding the thumb.

Size Thumb Circumference (cm)
Small 16 - 19cm
Medium 19 - 22.5cm
Large 22.5 - 26cm

The required options can be selected from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

Stabilising and Protecting the Thumb

The Push Sports Thumb Brace can be easily applied to offer immediate protection. This helps to steady the thumb, preventing unwanted movement while it heals. It will also help to prevent further damage to the area.

Pain relief is also provided, making it ideal for treating discomfort caused by overstretching or sprains. An elastic strap affixes securely around the wrist at a tension level that is comfortable for the individual. 

Hand Remains Functioning

While the thumb brace provides sturdy support for the thumb, the palm and rest of the hand remain free to remain active without compromise to the level of protection provided.

With the palm area left free, normal grip can be achieved. This will make it ideal for playing sports or partaking in other physical activities, as well as ensuring that daily routines can still be carried out while the thumb is supported.

How to Fit the Push Sports Thumb Brace

To fit the Push Sports Thumb Brace, follow the instructions below. The video can also provide an easy-to-follow guide to applying the Thumb brace.

  1. For initial use only. Place the thumb cap over the thumb, while ensuring that the metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint fits into the bowl of the thumb cap. Close the thumb loop diagonally across the cap, ensuring a snug fit without pinching.
  2. Slide the thumb cap across the thumb. Make sure the slightly arched thumb fits snugly into the thumb cap.
  3. Close the elastic strap comfortably at the base of the brace.
  4. Align and fasten the section of the elastic base with the single blue line to the section on the loop with the single blue line. Tighten the elastic fabric comfortably.

  5. Wrap the non-elastic strap around the back of the thumb and align and fasten the strap with the two blue lines to the two blue lines on the loop section. Lastly, fasten the yellow tab comfortably on the back of the hand.

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