ProCare Thumb Spica
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ProCare Thumb Spica

  • Elastic, circumferential contact closure straps
  • Allows you to properly position the splint
  • Lightweight, perforated outer foam shell
  • Has a cool, cotton-terry liner for comfort
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ProCare Thumb Spica

Suffering from thumb pain can be difficult, especially because we use our thumbs for the simplest tasks like writing, lifting objects or typing each day. The ProCare Thumb Spica has been designed to reduce the pain caused by soft tissue injuries and a number of conditions in the thumb. As the support stabilises and immobilises the area, it also helps improve the condition and protect your thumb from further injury.

Indications for the ProCare Support

The ProCare Spica can be used for the following conditions:

  • Arthritis in the thumb
  • De Quervain's syndrome
  • De Quervain's tenosynovitis
  • Tendonitis

Key Features and Benefits

  • Spica is lightweight
  • Perforated outer foam shell
  • Has a cool, cotton-terry liner
  • Elastic, circumferential, contact closure straps
  • Straps allow proper positioning of splint
  • Ideal for a number of thumb injuries or conditions
  • Open design allows you to perform daily tasks
  • Only stabilises your thumb
  • Different models for the left and right fit
  • Stylish blue and grey design

Sizing of the Thumb Spica

The Thumb Spica is available in two different sizes and in different models for the left and right thumb. All supports have a length of 22.8cm (9"). The Small/Medium size fits most women and smaller men, while the Large/Extra Large Size fits most men and larger women.

Lightweight Brace

The Thumb Spica is a lightweight support with a perforated outer foam shell and a cool, cotton-terry liner. These features help you stay comfortable as the perforated nature of the spica makes the brace breathable while the liner is soft against your skin. The outer foam shell protects the area to prevent re-injury and protect your thumb and wrist from any damage.

Contact Closure Straps

Designed with elastic, circumferential contact closure straps, the ProCare Thumb Brace allows you to properly position the splint so you're provided with the most supportive brace possible. As the straps are elastic, the Thumb Spica is adjustable and its contact closure straps make the support easy to apply with little to no help.

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