Push Ortho CMC Thumb Brace
Push Ortho CMC Thumb BracePush Ortho CMC Thumb BracePush Ortho CMC Thumb BracePush Ortho CMC Thumb Brace
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Push Ortho CMC Thumb Brace

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  • Effectively controls thumb CMC joint pain
  • Stabilises thumb in a functional position
  • Designed by hand therapy specialists
  • Can be easily applied by patient
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Push Ortho CMC Thumb Brace

When you have carpometacarpal (CMC) osteoarthritis, it's easy to feel bogged down by the condition and as though you aren't able to perform any of the activities you previously enjoyed. The Push Ortho CMC Thumb Brace is a versatile support designed for stabilising the joint of your thumb. The brace can be worn in water, which makes it ideal if you enjoy swimming or going to the beach.

While some thumb braces are so bulky that they restrict your mobility, the Push Ortho Thumb Brace CMC has been created with a functional design to ensure you're able to remain active. The support places your thumb in a stable position during activities and ensures it is able to grip objects properly.

Indications For Use

The Push Ortho CMC Thumb Brace was developed for the following CMC-1 indications:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint instability
  • Post-operative treatment

Key Features and Benefits

  • Stabilises the basal joint of the thumb
  • Places the thumb in a functional position
  • Guarantees optimal hand function
  • Reduces symptoms as pain and loss of strength
  • Rounded edges help maximise comfort
  • Simple closing system for easy fitting
  • Antimicrobial Thumb Brace
  • Can be used in water and dried easily

Sizing Of The Push Ortho Thumb Brace CMC

The Ortho CMC Thumb Brace is available in three different sizes for both the left and the right hand. To find your correct size, measure the circumference around your palm, starting from the point where the thumb joins the index finger and ensuring you go over the knuckle of your small finger.

Size Palm Circumference (cm)
Small 16 - 19.5cm
Medium 19.5 - 22.5cm
Large 22.5 - 26cm

How Do You Apply the Thumb Brace?

  1. Slide the brace around your thumb, with the bands at the back of the hand. The aluminium core then encloses the base of the thumb. The Velcro of the bands must be loose, but the bands may remain in the holes.
  2. Keep your fingers and thumb bent in a functional position and close the lower band nearest to the wrist
  3. Close the upper band

Care and Maintenance

The brace can be washed at temperatures up to 40°C, on a delicate fabrics cycle, or by hand. Do not use any bleaching agents. Before washing, close the Velcro to protect other laundry.

A gentle spin-dry cycle can be used. Afterwards, dry the brace naturally; do not dry it on a radiator or in a tumble drier. To extend the brace's service life, it should be dried after use (if necessary) before being stored.

Important Information

Correct use of your brace requires a detailed diagnosis of the cause of your pain complaints or instability. Always consult your GP, a physiotherapist or a specialist before applying the brace. For the brace to function properly, the following requirements must be met:

  • Brace fits properly
  • Washing instructions are followed
  • Velcro fasteners still work
  • There is not damage (tears, disconnected components)

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Saturday, 25 May 2019  | 

Very useful brace to hold thumb still while waiting for orthopaedic opinion on options, surgical or otherwise. Stops me from doing anything foolish and making it worse!
Delivered by first class post the day after ordering - great service!

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Cmc thumb brace
Saturday, 13 April 2019  | 

After trying several braces I finally opted to buy the CMC brace. I'm a working furniture restorer with arthritis and a cyst in my right trapezium. This brace is allowing me to continue working and because it isolates the problem part of my thumb, thus, protecting it, it helps considerably in pain control management.

It takes a day or two to get used to it but the relief soon banishes any thoughts that it might be cumbersome or stiff. It's not a cure but it is a valuable but of kit to have if you have painful basal thumb arthritis a are still wishing, or indeed needing, to actively use your hands.

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Great product
Thursday, 11 April 2019  | 

Received very quickly. Very good support for my thumb. Slightly tight but will ease off with wear, although does what it says on the tin would recommend.

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Well formed
Friday, 5 April 2019  | 

Overall I find the brace light and comfortable, the reason not 5 star is that the top straps are a bit basic and liable to scag on clothes or objects, could be a bit more streamlined

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Thursday, 4 April 2019  | 

Although expensive it does give good support and almost stops me using my bad thumb. I did find the instructions on how to measure oneís hand not very clear. A diagram wound have helped.
I would recommend this product

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CMC thumb push brace
Saturday, 30 March 2019  | 

The service couldnít have been better. I received my goods the day after I had ordered them, with a courteous friendly smile from the courier. I put both thumb braces on straight away and was delighted with the amount of work I could suddenly cope with. The right one was more comfy than the left so Iím going to mould the left one more firmly into my palm. A great invention Many thanks.

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Supportive friend
Thursday, 28 March 2019  | 

This device really supports my thumb by preventing too much movement in the joint which was giving me pain. Throughout the day it reduces my symptoms and reduces the need for pain relief. It is visible but easy to cope with.

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Supportive but awkward
Tuesday, 26 March 2019  | 

The measuring and fitting instructions are easy to understand, and the support arrived promptly. It's very supportive, but unfortunately I find that although it reduces pain in my CMC joint, it was quite uncomfortable elsewhere.

The joint support digs into the palm of my hand and the straps are quite uncomfortable across the back of my hand when gripping. That might be helped if the straps had a bit of stretch in them to accommodate changes in hand shape during different functions.

It certainly helps reduce the pain when I'm doing things like typing or driving, but they aren't the activities which I find most painful. I bought one for my dominant hand to see how useful I found it: I'm not rushing to buy one for my other hand.

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Good product bad packaging
Friday, 22 March 2019  | 

This brace does alleviate some of the pain of thumb arthritis, so I would recommend it. However the product was sent with insufficient packaging and arrived in a badly squashed condition.

This had nothing to do with our local postman who handed the parcel to me. I was disappointed with the response from customer services who seemed to think that a badly damaged box was acceptable. I will buy from elsewhere in the future.

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Finally found the correct support
Saturday, 9 March 2019  | 

I'm right handed and had an issue with my thumb for a couple of months due to pain in the joint. I haven't been able to do basic tasks such as pick things up, peel and chop veg, wash up etc due to pain. I tried various supports which did not help until I received this after a recommendation.

As soon as I started using it I felt an immediate difference. The design is such that it stops my thumb from over extending. I've been having treatment and now using it less each day. I would definitely recommend it. The delivery time was quick too and I received it in a couple of days. Amazing product with a well thought out design. Thank you.

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