Mambo Max Massage Ball
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Mambo Max Massage Ball

  • Relaxes muscles and relieves stress
  • Reduces tension in the hand muscles
  • Strengthens hands and improves dexterity
  • Great for improving coordination and flexibility
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Mambo Max Massage Ball

The Mambo Max Massage Ball relaxes muscles in the hand while reducing tension. It can also improve coordination while helping to increase dexterity skills, and can be purchased in a range of sizes to suit most users' needs.

Features and Benefits of the Massage Ball

  • Ideal for relaxing muscles in the hand
  • Reduces tension by relieving trigger points
  • Enhances strength in hands with weakened grip
  • Improves coordination and flexibility
  • Suitable for use as part of massage therapy
  • Useful for improving dexterity skills
  • Available in a choice of sizes

Strengthening Hands

The Max Massage Ball has been designed to improve the strength of the hand. By holding it in the palm and gripping onto it, the textured surface can massage and relax the muscles while reducing tension. It does so by targeting trigger points in the palm.

Compact Size

Although the massage ball is available in a choice of sizes, ranging from 6cm to 10cm, each one is still compact enough to be carried around for use whenever stress occurs.

Whether used as part of a routine hand workout to strengthen muscles or encourage rehabilitation, or utilised to relieve stress at a moment's notice, each one is perfectly sized for adding to a handbag or gym kit.

Reducing Stress

As the Mambo Max Massage Ball can be carried with ease, it can be used at a moment's notice to offer practical stress relief. When used around the home or in the office, it provides a focus for the mind, while also working the hand and inducing some of those endorphins than can help to reduce stress for an overall beneficial hand workout.

Available Sizes

To ensure that the Mambo Max Massage Ball can provide ideal stress relief and tension reduction for most individuals, it can be purchased in a choice of sizes. They are as follows:

  • 6cm (2.4")
  • 7cm (2.8")
  • 8cm (3.2")
  • 9cm (3.6")
  • 10cm (4")

The required size of massage ball can be selected from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

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