Humeral Stabilising Orthosis
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Humeral Stabilising Orthosis

  • Orthotic brace for the upper arm
  • Ideal for fractures, breaks and dislocations
  • Lightweight, durable and comfortable 
  • Highly adjustable external sleeve
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Humeral Stabilising Orthosis

The Humeral Stabilising Orthosis has a protective lining that is perforated to allow air circulation without sacrificing structural integrity or support. This stabilising orthosis is also fully customisable, the thermo-formable external sleeve can even be altered using a standard pair of scissors. 

What's Included?

  • 1 x Humeral stabilising Orthosis

Key Features of the Humeral Stabilising Orthosis

  • Provides excellent support and stability to the humerus and upper arm
  • Fully customisable external sleeve can be tailored to your specifications
  • Lightweight comfortable design makes wearing it comfortable all day long
  • Skin-friendly protective lining helps avoid skin irritation
  • No humeral sock is required with this brace thanks to the comfortable protective lining

Is This Upper Arm Orthosis Easy To Alter?

This orthosis has been designed to be fully customisable, and the external sleeve can be altered using standard scissors. 

Sizing Information

This humeral stabilising orthosis is supplied in a universal size that will fit the majority of users because the adjustable straps and easy to trim sleeve make the sizing extremely versatile. 

What Are the Advantages of Using an Orthosis Over a Cast?

Casts offer the highest level of immobilisation, this comes with a cost though. The time, energy and money required to attend regular hospital appointments to get your cast changed can be prohibitive. An orthosis is a solution that provides excellent value for money while still providing good stabilisation.

Casts also have the downside of being uncomfortable, itchy and unhygienic. Being able to remove your orthosis to scratch an itch, wash your arm or just allow your skin to get some fresh air can be extremely relieving, especially with long-term injuries and conditions.

Where Is the Humerus Upper Arm Pain

Indications of the Humeral Stabilising Orthosis

This orthotic device is ideal for:

  • Humeral Fractures
  • Humeral Breaks
  • Shoulder Dislocations

How Much Does An Orthosis Help Healing? 

In a study done by the University of Miami, 98% of patients who used a humeral orthosis to treat a fracture had minimal limitation of shoulder motion. In addition, 87% of patients healed with minimal bone angulation (the difference of bone angles where the fracture has healed). In conclusion, humeral bracing using an orthosis has been shown to be extremely effective at aiding the bodies natural healing process.

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